Skin Ultrasound School



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         This is a virtual  imaging school that introduces you to the field of dermatologic ultrasound. This project was born from listening to the requests of  clinicians and patients who believe that nowadays, medical imaging information is valuable  for improving diagnosis and to monitor treatments, and that  sonographic support in the dermatologic area could help to generate early diagnosis and adequate management as well as improve the cosmetic prognosis of patients.

        In this school you can take courses that are difficult to find in the ultrasound field, both for the beginner and advanced levels. You can choose the language (English or Spanish) and become immersed in this new area of sonography.

         This on-line learning can be performed from your home or work, and it is available 24 hours, 7 days a week from the moment you decide to take the course at your own pace.  Additionally ,you have the option to contact the school if you require more information.

          Also, you can take advantage of the information displayed on the website that can bring you the latest news in this field about "in-person" courses.

             All the best for you and your team.

The Skin Ultrasound School Team



-First skin ultrasound school in the world

-Innovative way for on-line learning cutaneous sonography

-Worldwide access

-Open 24 hours/7 days a week

-Learn at your own pace

Why take courses

1.    Information about this topic is difficult to get

2.    Courses performed by world experts

3.    High quality of the material

4.    Can add a new tool for your practice



Available Courses On-Line

Skin Ultrasound: The Requisites (English)

Skin Ultrasound: The Requisites (Spanish)

 Diagnostic Ultrasound of Cosmetic Fillers (English)

Diagnostic Ultrasound of Cosmetic Fillers (Spanish)