Skin Ultrasound School




            This is the first skin ultrasound school in the world and is open  for on-line courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

               The medical director of this School is a prestigious radiologist , Ximena Wortsman  MD, who initiated 10 years ago the application of variable frequency ultrasound in daily dermatologic practice and has developed a line of work around this topic that includes multiple publications in peer reviewed journals, international presentations and scientific awards. 

         Dr. Wortsman initially  founded a website about skin ultrasound: in 2010 that started as a personal site but has continued growing during the last few years and has become a worldwide community of skin ultrasound.  You can access her CV and  publications on-line.

               The objective is to share this knowledge with the rest of the medical community and improve dermatologic practice by supporting early diagnosis, and non-invasive monitoring, which can help to decrease recurrences and improve the cosmetic prognosis of patients. Thus, this on-line school provides information about this new application of sonography which can improve your practice.

                 The virtual concept of this school provides worldwide access to the technique, making it possible for the trainees to take one or more courses at their own pace.

                         We are glad to support the diffusion of this new application of ultrasound and welcome you and your team.

  Best wishes

 The Skin Ultrasound School Team



-First skin ultrasound school in the world

-Innovative way for on-line learning cutaneous sonography

-Worldwide access

-Open 24 hours/7 days a week

-Learn at your own pace

Why take courses

1.    Information about this topic is difficult to get

2.    Courses performed by world experts

3.    High quality of the material

4.    Can add a new tool for your practice



Available Courses On-Line

Skin Ultrasound: The Requisites (English)

Skin Ultrasound: The Requisites (Spanish)

 Diagnostic Ultrasound of Cosmetic Fillers (English)

Diagnostic Ultrasound of Cosmetic Fillers (Spanish)