Skin Ultrasound School




 - Very basic knowledge about ultrasound to better understand  the sonographic terminology.

-You can find a good ultrasound glossary in that is available to everyone (

- A PC or Mac computer and an Internet connection.

-There is no software to install and nothing to download

-You can go at your own pace
Limitations: So far the courses are not available for the iPad platform, but you can use other Apple computers.


-First skin ultrasound school in the world

-Innovative way for on-line learning cutaneous sonography

-Worldwide access

-Open 24 hours/7 days a week

-Learn at your own pace

Why take courses

1.    Information about this topic is difficult to get

2.    Courses performed by world experts

3.    High quality of the material

4.    Can add a new tool for your practice



Available Courses On-Line

Skin Ultrasound: The Requisites (English)

Skin Ultrasound: The Requisites (Spanish)

 Diagnostic Ultrasound of Cosmetic Fillers (English)

Diagnostic Ultrasound of Cosmetic Fillers (Spanish)